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Fool-Asked Questions

Am I a fool?

Just ask your 7th grade gym teacher or your ex-spouse for an informed answer.

Why do fools fall in love?

To get to the other side.

What really is the point of the Fools Guild?

I'm glad you asked. If I could only stop the sound of one hand clapping long enough to concentrate I'd give you an answer. Folks who resonate with the image and notion of the fool often like to cavort and revel with like mimes...uh...minds. Through themed costume parties and other creative events, the Fools Guild provides opportunities for spontaneous theatre, dancing, inhibition removal, professional variety performer networking and general foolishness.

What happens at the Fools Guild parties?

A little song a little dance a little seltzer in your pants. But not usually seltzer. People wear costumes, shmooze, interact, improvize, spontaneously engage in social intercourse and have fun. We often have short live variety performances or some humorous theatricals and then folks get back to dancin' and playin'.

Does the Fools Guild have a Coat of Arms?

We sure do!

You can own your very own
Only $20 includes tax/shipping.
Include your mailing address
and “FOOL PIN"
PayPal to: HeidiBMoon@me.com
Heidi Barthelemy

What's with this "donation" to the Fools Guild?

Large donations are gratefully accepted. You can make a donation electronically to our PayPal accoount.

The current online Joker and some past Jokers are available at FoolsOnLine. The PDF is 8MB.

Do I have to be a bad speller to be a member?

No, but it helps. But lets look at this member thing. Many of our ilk eschew the term member for the term......ilk.....or ....whatever. Ours is a (dis)organization and many of our "policies" are in flux and more traditions than rules. We are formally informal.

How do I become part of the Fools Guild?

You're a Fool even if you don't think you are -- no, ESPECIALLY if you don't think you are. Come to an event, and you're one of us.

But what is the Fools Guild?

Go to the website and check it out. Oh, dagnabit, you already did that. Ummmm...well....ask a different fool get a different answer...but a bunch of folks, mostly in LA area who mostly used to work the Renaissance Faire who like to get together at least 3 times a year, have big costumed parties and have fun... Most identify with the archetype of the Fool as a nonconformist, truth through play, wisdom through silliness, kind of thing. Many of us are performers, jugglers, actors, musicians, improvisers, clowns, artists.....and just plain old eccentrics.

How can I get published in the Joker?

Easy. Write some material (it must be written by you) and send it by email to William Q Fool. Publication is not guaranteed, but highly likely. Please, no recycled materials from the Internet. We want original, fool-written materials only. Artwork is also acceptable.

Do you have a club president?

No, we have a guild King: The King of Fools. A new one is chosen each year by the old ones and the Mothers Folly and we have a parade of fools and a coronation and you turn your self around.....that's what it's all about!!!

How many fools can dance on the head of a bauble?

Fools often exaggerate their bauble size so this is hard to authenticate.



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