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"This fellow is wise enough to play the fool"
-----William Shakespeare Twelfth Night,III:i

"A fool is half a prophet"
----- Yiddish proverb

"Fools please women best"
----- John Lylly

"You never know what a fool you can be till life gives you a chance"
----- Eden Phillpotts

"Fools are a family over all the world"
----- James Shirley

The Fools Guild is a disorganization of individuals who identify with the artistic, spiritual or philosophical nature of The Fool. We are an amorphous mass of lively, spontaneous souls who meet throughout the year for unadulterated silliness. We produce three major theme parties a year: Halloween, New Year's Eve, and the High Feast of April Fools Day. We also get together a lot in between.

Many of us are variety entertainers, performers, and designers (think of us as a clown mafia) but just as many are not. Most live in the Los Angeles area, but we have cohorts elsewhere in California (especially the Bay Area) and other states.

We draw inspiration from the archetype of "The Fool", keeping alive the virtues of playfulness and festivity as a source of creativity and personal fulfillment. Whatever the theme of a given event may be, it influences everything about the gathering: room décor, characters, costuming, music, even food. To enter a Fools Guild party is to immerse yourself in an all-inclusive theatrical environment. We have done a variety of themes in our 30-year history.

The Fools Guild was born in the late '70s at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, where the original culprits met while performing as jesters, jugglers, pass-the-hat-acts and mimes. In the early 80's, we moved into a ramshackle old barn-like house together in Hollywood, known as "The Guild Hall" and began throwing increasingly fabulous parties. Because the parties were so fladerscious, and for other frivolous reasons, more fools came along and the Guild masses grew.

Today, we no longer have the Guild Hall, but we still cavort as a community and still produce a frabgious party. If you would like to be notified of future events, contact us and follow the simple (dare we say "foolproof"?) instructions.

You can find a list of Past Parties here.


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